MONO-EATING (project by Aimee Jiline)

How can design make people eat more conscious in a time when most people are often distracted and in a rush? Mono-eating focusses on unconscious eating behavior in a fast and multitasking society.

Research shows that unconscious behavior, or automated behavior develops itself after repeating a certain action.

Mono-eating breaks this repetitive behaviour using tools which continuously change its shape. Thanks to the constant movement of the tools, the user is required to pay full attention, which leads to a complete focus of the ‘eating’. 

Participants: Emma van Leenen, Maxime Selling, Melody Cheng, Daphne van der Horst

  • Concept/Design: Aimee Jiline
  • Film/Photography: Suzette Silvy
  • Sound: Noa Silver
  • Food: Emma van Leenen
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