"mijn vriendinnen" breaks with the stereotypes about girls with different origins and gives knowledge that reflects reality. This ensures positive identification among the girls and will also increase knowledge during the categorization process that results in stereotyping.

As girls with a migration background in the Netherlands, you often have to deal with incorrect stereotyping. When we look at the representation of women within the media, we quickly see that there is often a condescending and limited representation. In addition, t has also emerged that the media does not provide a complete picture of Dutch society that ensures a correct image of ethnic minorities. This lead to incorrect expectations but also a more negative self image.

The project "mijn vriendinnen" contributes to the representation of girls with a foreign background that is a reflection of reality. This ensures that the representation of these girls is displayed in a more diverse and realistic way. This is a step towards a correct image and breaking through negative stereotyping.

Every person uses the categorization process in daily life. Categorization is the cognitive process by which we notice these differences and similarities. People only have a limited capacity to process information. This ensures that in the complex world we live in, we've found a way to quickly process that information. In order to process the perception of people and this information more quickly, we depend on categorical thinking. The disadvantage of this is that this processing of information often happens incorrectly. The information used during this categorization process largely comes from inside information. This foreknowledge is formed by information that reaches us through the media and our own general knowledge. It is also rarely the case that you start with a clean slate and process information again. You will always use prior knowledge, which ensures that certain stereotypes occur more frequently.

Film by Suzette Silvy

Special thanks to Nilay Avar, Liza Chan, Kanita Karisik & Asma el Mouden.
Subtitles by Lisa de Mowbray.

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